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·14 April 2008

So yes it was quite tragic to me at first that I couldn't hook up the Bulgarian Film Festival with wine for their event with my wonderful skills – however imagine my surprise and glee at discovering what they did come up with!

I arrived post-hosting to the gala, quite glam in my evening gown if I do say so, to be welcomed with a glass of Vino Bulgari Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (Tracian Valley 2001) which interestingly enough won the international Wine Packaging and Design Awards Silver Medal for Innovative Design.  I am quite a slave for cute packaging, and the sleek lacquer-on-frosted-glass bottle sold me before we even said hello.

I didn't know a thing about Bulgarian wine before that evening.  In fact, one thing the festival has taught me is people don't know much about Bulgaria in general.  Ever since the fall of the wall the country has been going through amazing changes – and in the past five years or so the cultural evolution has been expanding exponentially.  There is art and rebirth every where you look!  New Line Cinema has a studio there, and festivals like the Tishman International Bulgarian Film Festival are just the beginning of an exciting east/west exchange that will hopefully breathe some much needed new life into our (for the most part) complacent art scene here.

All cultural developments aside, a lot of people don't even know the basics about Bulgaria as a country.  Did you know it has some of the most beautiful destination beaches?  That it has a temperate Mediterranean climate and central location from which it gathers rich international influences?  Well, there's no way to go into all that here, so I'll just give you a crash course on some Bulg wine regions…


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